PM Hailemariam: Ethiopian defense force taking measures against Gambella attackers

 difaaca Itoobiya qaadashada tallaabooyin ka dhan ah weerarka GambellaPM Hailemariam: Ethiopian defense force taking measures against Gambella attackers

Several people were killed by an armed group in three woredas of Nuer zone, Gambella regional state last Friday.
“The atrocities committed by an armed Murle tribe from South Sudan claimed the lives of 208 mothers and children. They also abducted 102 children,” said Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.
The government of Ethiopia expresses its deep grief over the attack, he said.
The Ethiopian defense force is taking measures against the attackers to free the abducted children without any precondition, the Premier said.
Several gunmen were killed so far and the result will be announced in the future, he added.
The government is preparing to provide the necessary support for victims of the attack, the Premier said.
There had been abduction of children and raiding of cattle from Gambella through crossing Ethiopian border. However, Friday’s attack was massive, he said.
The government confirmed that the attackers were neither members of South Sudanese government nor South Sudan opposition group, he said.
The government of #Ethiopia is working with the government of South Sudan and other pertinent bodies to take the necessary measure against the attackers, he said.
Moreover, Ethiopia is in consultation with the South Sudanese government to carry out a joint operation at the location of their hideout and to prevent crimes, he said.

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