Egyptian 57357 Health Sciences Academy delegation to visit Jimma

rgEgyptian 57357 Health Sciences Academy delegation to visit Jimma

ADDIS ABABA – THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 22 April 2016: A delegation from the Egyptian 57357 Health Sciences Academy, one of the biggest hospitals specialized in child cancer in the world, is to visit the project at the new pediatric oncology center in Jimma for assessment and training.
Academy Affiliation and Institutional Development Director Dr. Ashraf Talaat told journalists Wednesday that objective of visiting hospitals in Ethiopia is to highlight the various training in clinical pharmacy and potential nursing courses the Academy has been offering last year and also visit the Ministry of Health to work jointly with Ethiopia.

According to Dr. Ashraf, the Academy has been providing training and support for three hospitals in Addis Ababa since last year and has graduated about 40 professionals in nursing and clinical pharmacy.
“The main focus is to crate network and also share experiences and train nurses in child care and supply health care materials, ” he added.

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