Religious fathers call upon faithful to hand out support to drought, attack victims

bbReligious fathers call upon faithful to hand out support to drought, attack victims

ADDIS ABABA— THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 1 May 2016: Religious fathers of various denominations have conveyed messages in connection with the celebration of the Ethiopian Easter-Resurrection Sunday being celebrated today by the faithful throughout the country.
In their message they urge the faithful to support the efforts of the government in helping drought affected citizens and ensuring peace, stability and good governance and fighting terrorism.
Accordingly, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) Patriarch His Holiness Abune Mathias said that Christians in the country have enjoyed the fasting days praying, helping people and attending the Mass, among others. Thus, the faithful need to sustain these good deeds in helping the needy, patients and orphanages and supporting drought affected people.
“We also need to remember the bereaved and displaced families due to the recent attack in Gambella,” Abune Mathias noted.
The Patriarch said that terrorism, secularism and globalization are becoming real challenges for the co-existence of various religions. All Christians need to preserve this age-old values and hand down to the next generation.
Abune Mathias called upon the faithful and all Ethiopians to strengthen the fight against poverty and contribute their share to the country’s renaissance journey maintaining their unity and peace.
Similarly, the Ethiopian Catholic Church Archbishop Cardinal Birhaneyesus Surafel said that while celebrating the Easter all Christians are expected to think of and support the victims and people displaced due to the recent attack in Gambella State.
The Archbishop said that the catholic church has felt a strong mourn on the recent toll on innocent Ethiopians in Gambella.
Besides supporting the government measure, all Christians have to pray for the victims, he said, adding the church also called for the quick return of the abducted innocent children.
“Since Christians are expected to win their enemy with prayer and as it is a tool for victory, we have to pray to God to give us mercy and to rain for the well being of his creatures,” the Cardinal said
Cardinal Birhaneyesus has also called upon citizens to closely working with the government in the fight against poverty. The youth need to participate actively in this regard rather than migrating to countries.
He wishes to patients, prisoners, soldiers, and to all Ethiopians at home and abroad to have a colorful Easter.
In his message the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus President Reverend Dr. Waqseyum Edossa conveyed that all believers to have a peaceful and happy Easter.
Easter is a time where Jesus Christ has gave his life to save human kind and commands us to love one another. For this reason, the Reverend said: ” We Ethiopians have to show our love by sharing what we have with the needy. While celebrating the Easter we have the responsibility to help those fellow Ethiopians affected by the drought.”
The Reverend has conveyed to believers to pray for the families of Gambella people who lost their family members and displaced because of inhuman acts by gunmen insurgents. He has also called upon followers of Jesus Christ to do what is morally right and model the life of Jesus Christ.
Reverend Waqseyum urges to believers to discharge their moral and social responsibilities for the development of the country.
The Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia has also expressed best wishes for all Ethiopians in Easter holiday.
The Church condemns the fatal killing of the innocent civilians in Gambella State by the South Sudanese armed group. The Church express its sympathy and prays to free children abducted by the the inhuman armed group.
Fellowship President Pastor Tsadiku Abdo has expressed the Church best wishes for all Christians for a happy celebration of the Easter holiday as celebrating such holiday together is the manifestation of a pride culture.
While celebrating the holiday followers are expected to remember the victims of the current drought and the recent attack in Gambella state by the South Sudanese armed group, he added.
He further said as Jesus pays unparalleled scarification for the sake of human ill-treatment and sin, currently we Ethiopians must come forward to show our togetherness and help the drought affected and victims of the Gambella attack.
“The Bible did not allow or mentioned to kill or touch others right. Any illegal actions on Gambella peoples should be stop and the group should refrain from such act for the sake of peace and development in the area ,” he said.
The Fellowship conveyed its message to give the consolation to the affected families and all Ethiopians mourning this bad experience.


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