Regulation bans smoking at public gatherings

addisRegulation bans smoking at public gatherings …………………… …………..

ADDIS ABABA – THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 3 May 2016: The Addis Ababa Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority has passed a regulation prohibiting smoking in public gatherings.
While giving recognition to artists and stakeholders who showed a relentless effort to tobacco smoking, the Authority has passed a regulation that prohibits smoking in public gatherings and places.
Speaking at a relevant event yesterday, City Mayor Diriba Kuma said that realizing its economic, social and psychological impact, fighting tobacco smoking is a shared responsibility.
According to him, majority of tobacco smokers are found in middle and low level income countries. Due to tobacco, people are dying and being exposed to several health hazards. Passive smokers are also victims of smoking. For this reason, the public have the responsibility to fight tobacco smoking in public gatherings, the Mayor said.

Authority Director Getachew Woreti said that smoking tobacco violates people’s right to live in a healthy and clean environment. Places where kids and pregnant women spend are also prohibited.
The regulation also bans smoking in public conveyance, educational institutions, stadium, sport and recreational places. The regulation also indicates that any owner or head or employee or representative of an organization of non-smoking places shall have the duty to prohibit smoking.

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