Exam malpractices pose threat to produce competent manpower

exExam malpractices pose threat to produce competent manpower

ADDIS ABABA- THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 5 May 2016: The National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency said exam malpractice is posing threat in producing capable and responsible man power who could uphold renaissance journey and economic transformation plan.
The Agency organized a half-day consultative forum in collaboration with Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) yesterday at which parliamentarians, teachers, students and other concerned bodies deliberated on how to prevent cheating starting from printing of exam papers, dispersion and examination period.
On the occasion, Agency Director General Araya Gebregziabiher said that prevention of exam malpractice should start from family level to ensure education quality thereby making sustainable economic progress. Otherwise, he said, it would be difficult to deal with the problem at schools and/or institutional level.
Araya noted that education is the only tool to eradicate poverty, thus, “we all need to work together to prevent, detect and devise remedies of exam cheating.”
Agency Exam Preparation Director Arega Mamaru on his part said that since examination is the only checkpoint to certify students it must be administered free from malpractice. If not, he said that any malpractice during examinations leads the Agency to provide false certification.
According to him, exam malpractices could be expressed as breaking of exam rules and regulations, using cellphones during exams and applying any form of intimidation.
Representing FBC, Ashenafi Jima on his part said that exam cheating must not be compromised to for the good of the nation. It is a manifestation of rent-seeking that needs to be tackled right from home at early age.
Over 1,064,023 and 253,314 students will sit for the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination and the Ethiopian University Entrance Examination respectively this academic year, according to the Agency.

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