Ethiopia calls for int’l community’s support to withstand drought effects

toEthiopia calls for int’l community’s support to withstand drought effects

ADDIS ABABA — THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 10 May 2016: The Ethiopian National Disaster Risk Management Commissioner Mitiku Kassa called for the international community for urgent assistance to the government’s effort in responding the El Nino drought phenomena especially on basic service delivery and economic transformation to protect development gains.
During UN Economic and Social Council meeting held in New York recently, Mitiku presented an update on the current El Niño phenomena and its economic, social and environmental dimensions.
In the meeting, discussion on measures undertaken by countries to increase resilience effort was held, according to the Ethiopian Mission in UN.
The Commissioner as well presented Ethiopian experience expounding the nature and severeness of the El Nino induced drought and the measures undertaken by the government in collaboration with partners to mitigate its impact.
Furthermore, the commissioner and Ethiopian delegation in New York held talks with various bilateral and multilateral partners. The delegate’s visit was a great opportunity to share innovative ways and harmonize development and humanitarian activities and ensure maximum efficiency, according to the Mission.

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