Women League says May 28 foundation to women participation, benefits

ethWomen League says May 28 foundation to women participation, benefits

The Ethiopian Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) Women League dubbed May 28, the demise of the Derg regime, as the foundation for women to actively participate and benefit from the fruits of development.
The third regular session of the League kicked off here yesterday under the theme Organized Participation and Benefit of Women for Utmost Growth and Transformation.
Addressing the session, Social Affairs Special Advisor to the Prime Minister and League Chairperson Muferiat Kamil said that May 28 is the base for the present developmental journey of the nation which embraces the participation of women in its policy and decision making process.
Muferiat added that the government is committed to ensure participation and benefit of women. Though more is anticipated positive results have been achieved so far from the activities done following the victory of May 28. The government is implementing various packages mainly targeted at women. For the realization of these packages, women themselves across the country to be forerunners, she noted.
Combatant Veteran Roman Gebresilassie on her part said that lack of justice, equality, freedom among all the society and the absence of equal opportunity to represent and empower women in the political, economic and social affairs both at national and local level forced to participate in the armed struggle.
She added that in absence of peace and stability women and children are the most vulnerable segments of the society. This was in the past regimes.
Presently, Roman said that after May 28 the government is working to maximize the benefits of women. As the result, many encouraging results have been registered in the last twenty or so years. Women have began to benefit from the the socio-ecnomic development of the country. But, still are daunting challenges to be addressed, she noted.
Another Combatant Veteran Genet Taddesse on her part said that women are fighting to balance the unequal representations of men and women at all levels. Women need to use the League as the instrument to ensure the maximum representation and participation in the decision making process at all level.
West Shoa Zone Women League Deputy Head Beyenu Areda on her part said that May 28 is double victory to the women that gave answer to the burdens which was vested solely in the shoulder of women. Lack of democratic and human rights protection, freedom of thought and equal treatment were burdening women, she said.
Participating from Gambella State Nymoch Gute told reporters that she always feel happy to showcase her culture in front of all Ethiopians. “We are so proud of the constitutional guarantee that enable us to speak and learn using our language. There was no educational access in the past regimes. Now we are able to enjoy tertiary level education. This enable us to participate in the political, social and economical affairs as equal as men.”
From the Addis Ababa City Administration of Gullalle Sub-city Senait Demissie said that women has passed down many challenges in the past regimes. Currently, women are benefiting in social, economic and political spheres.
Senait said: “Thanks to the opportunity which came after May 28 I have got the opportunity to get financial support through loan. I have been engaged in micro and small business that enabled me to build my own house in the city. This is the fruits of May 28.”


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