Guaranteed stability, democracy: President

motatoGuaranteed stability, democracy: President
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President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said that May 28 Victory is a result of a great sacrifice paid by Ethiopians to end the Derg oppressive regime once and for all.
Conveying his May 28th silver jubilee message yesterday, the President said the foundation for sustainable peace, stability, democracy and economic progress was laid on May 28 due to the sacrifices paid by nations, nationalities and peoples of the country.

The May 28 victory gave rise to the new Constitution, created new platform to building a new Ethiopia that embarked on building democracy from scratch, Dr. Mulatu said.
This sustainable peace and stability has created a conducive environment for investment opportunities. The annual growth rate of the country over the last 13 years was 11 per cent.
This economic growth has accorded the country a good image in a global arena and it has become investment destination which in turn stimulated local businesspersons as well, he said.
Dr. Mulatu also said the government has been working unceasingly to transform the nation’s agrarian economy to industry led one. Dr. Mulatu further said that though remarkable achievements have been registered within the last 25 years, much remains to be done to lift 22 million people lift out of absolute poverty, create job opportunity and avert religious extremism both in urban and rural areas.
In his message the President stressed that peace is the base for the nation’s development. Everyone is duty bound to fight religious extremism, terrorism and any form of act that could reverse the prevailing peaceful condition.

“Extremism uses religion as a cover to assume political power. It has a mission to dismantle the constitutional system and replace it with theocratic state so as to oppress others religion. Religious extremism is a threat to the nation’s renaissance journey. In this regard, we have to contribute our share to fighting anti-peace agents.”
In his congratulatory message the President called on all Ethiopians to join hands for the accomplishment of GTP II and other developmental goals.

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