Gov’t Working to Ensure Safe Return of Children Kidnapped by Murle Tribe

wasiirka warfaafinta itoobiyaGov’t Working to Ensure Safe Return of Children Kidnapped by Murle Tribe                   Ethiopia is working to ensure the safe return of 19 children kidnapped recently from Gambella Regional State by the Murle tribe of South Sudan, the Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) said.


At a press briefing he gave this afternoon, GCAO Minister Dr. Negeri Lencho said this occured in the middle of the effort Ethiopia has been exerting to ensure the return of its remaining 60 children of the 151 children kidnapped last year by the same group.

According to Dr. Negeri, the government has been training 1,500 militias to patrol the border frequently used by the tribe to raid neighboring ethnic groups and inflict damages.

Not only are members of the Murle tribe entering this part of the border, but also terrorist groups trained by Eritrea, the minister added.

The government is, therefore, working to strengthen people-to-people bondage by constructing a bridge on Gilo River and carrying out other activities to protect border areas effectively, Dr. Negeri said.

Activities are also underway to change the life style of the people to protect citizens, he indicated.

Meanwhile, the minister dismissed rumors which erupted recently with respect to souring diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and South Sudan as “nonsen

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