Ethiopia marks 5th Defense Force Day

16684215_1518957034811838_1598096536258469397_nThe fifth Defense Force Day has been celebrated in Jigjiga town, the capital of Ethiopian Somali regional state today.

Speaking at the celebration, President Mulatu Teshome said Ethiopian defense forces have done a lot to ensure peace in neighboring countries, besides safeguarding the sovereignty of the country.

The celebration is aimed at remembering those who contributed for the peace and development of the country, the President noted.

“The day is unique as we are celebrating it with our heroes who managed to inflict heavy losses on the Islamist militant group al-Shabab,” Mulatu added.

The President awarded second level Adwa Medal for the 13th division 4th battalion for the heroic deed it has done in destroying al-Shabab group at Halgen, Somalia.

Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, General Samora Yenus, said the army is fulfilling the constitutional responsibility entrusted to it by the people and the government.

It is also discharging its responsibility effectively in defending the country from any kind of attack from outside and inside anti-peace forces, he noted.

The defense forces controlled and foiled at various times anti-peace activities of enemies, Eritrean mercenaries and global terrorist organizations, he said.

General Samora added that Ethiopian troops are also fulfilling efficiently international peacekeeping missions in neighboring countries, he said,

Ethiopia marks Defense Force Day on February 14 each year.

source fana

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