Farmaajo lands in Juba to witness historic peace deal

Farmaajo lands in Juba to witness historic peace deal

President Mohamed Farmaajo has arrived in Juba the capital of South Sudan to joint other heads of states and governments in the region in witnessing the signing of a historic peace deal between the Sudanese Government and two rebel groups.

The President announced his arrival in Juba in a tweet noting his government was committed to supporting the implementation of the peace agreement.

“Glad to be in Juba SouthSudan to witness the signing of the long-awaited Juba Peace Agreement. I commend the T.G of Sudan & Sudanese Revolutionary Movements for reaching this milestone. As neighbours, we greatly support a stable, united Sudan for the prosperity of our region,” the President said a tweet.

Other heads of governments and states expected to attend the event include e President of Djibouti, the President of Chad, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, the Ugandan Prime Minister, the Egyptian Prime Minister, the Chair of the African Union Commission, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, the UAE Minister of Petroleum.

The agreement will be signed between the Transitional Government of Sudan and two rebel groups namely Sudan Revolutionary Front and SLM-MM groups.

The signing of the peace deal is expected to end close to 20 years of fighting between the revel groups and government forces which has caused deaths of thousands of civilians and displacements of many others.

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