Concerted effort for youth participation, benefit

Concerted effort for youth participation, benefitConcerted effort for youth participation, benefit =============================

ADDIS ABABA: THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 26 April 2016: The participation of the youth in various activities has been very limited due to different reasons. Unlike in the past, opportunities are there for active youths. The government is facilitating ways for the youth to enable them participate and benefit from the nation’s developmental activities.
Therefore, hope, vision, active engagement in the overall development aspects of the country and determination are expected from all citizens to realize this aspiration especially from youths.
The National Capacity Building and Mobilization Programme held for the last four days in Afar State for over 10,000 youths was completed yesterday as the youths have managed to understand and communicate well of the vision of the country and the opportunities created by the government and the plans set to enhance youth participation, benefits, the Ministry of Youth and Sports told The Ethiopian Herald.
Ministry Communication Head Nasir Legese said that the government at all levels has recognized the active engagement and benefit of the youth. As part of this effort, the Ministry has organized the awareness programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence which enabled 10,000 youths from Afar State to receive training. The programme was aimed at mobilizing support from various actors to create job opportunities.
The more than 10,000 youth, who have leading street life, has already received training by the Ministry of Defence for 11 months at Addis Raey Academy.
The mobilization programme is meant to sensitize the youth and other stakeholders and forge strong partnership, according to Nasir. “Government bodies at all levels urged to work hand in hand through a better communication and understanding to support the youth.”
The Head said that issues regarding the constitution, the impact of migration, ample possibilities available to change livelihoods and HIV and AIDS prevention, the dangers of drug addiction among others were the topic covered during the programme. Best practices and experiences of youths were also shared in the programme.
The youths would stay in the training camp until job opportunities facilitated in short possible time, he said.
Ministry Youth Awareness and Mobilization Senior Expert, Eleni Taddele on her part said Elshaday Relief and Development Association and Metal and Engineering Corporation of Ethiopia (METEC) have great role in facilitating the training programme. The training areas include construction, electricity, ICT and others. various technical skills to earn income using those skills.
The expert said that the programme has initiated the youths as government has attached due attention for them. The presence of the famous comedians and other artists added color to the event.


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