Institute looks for skilled human power to tap water resource

Institute looks for skilled human power to tap water resource Institute looks for skilled human power to tap water resource 

ADAMA – THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 26 April 2016: The Ethiopian Water Technology Institute said skilled and technically equipped human power is essential for proper utilization of water resources in the country.
In a discussion with stakeholders in Adama Town last Saturday, Water, Irrigation and Electricity Minister Motumma Maqasa said that despite its rich water resources the country has not been able to benefit from the sector properly. The Institute is doing its level best to maximize nation’s utilization of water resource.
Motumma told journalists that the Institute will be an agent to respond to the ever increasing water demand by providing technical support and skilled human power to the sector.
According to him, urbanization and economic growth rely on adequate and consistent power supply. In this regard, the Institute will work with stakeholders to provide skilled human power to address problems timely.
He also said that the Institute will serve as a bridge for water technology transformation. Using the Institute as a Centre of excellence, the country could utilize its water resource for various purposes, he added.
Institute Director General Zenebe Garedew also said though the Institute started service provision a year ago, it is carrying out a wide range of activities in the area of water technology.
According to him, together with stakeholders the Institute stakeholders is taking actions to successfully deal with water related problems. He also said that the Institute is supporting the activities of technical and vocational centres and others with regard to the application of water technology.
Zenebe also said that the Institute has finalized preparations to give practical training for professionals engaged in potable and irrigation water development. In order to fill gaps in the sector in water technology, the Institute is on the way to provide specialized laboratory service.
Zenebe said that the Institute is producing qualified and trained human power for various ground water development activities.

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