State officials spotlight Korea’s development experience

1State officials spotlight Korea’s development experience ……………………. ………………….

BISHOFTU – THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 3 May 2016: The Oromia State Civil Service and Good Governance Bureau said invaluable experiences could be drawn from the fastest advancement of South Korean 50 years journey with a vie to advancing Ethiopia’s economic growth.
At a half-day experience sharing workshop organized last Saturday for Oromia State officials and civil servants at Kuriftu Resort in Bishoftu Town, Korea’s dramatic progress and challenges have been thoroughly discussed.

Presenting his county experience, Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies Professor Keuk Je Sung said that the secret behind the dramatic progress of South Korean in the last 50 years depends merely on special focus on quality education and rally the public behind the national development agendas.
Korea has been one of the poorest countries in the world before 70 years , the Professor said and added the higher investment on quality education and human capital as well as the meticulous leadership enabled the country to secure advanced economy.
The Professor noted that Ethiopia could draw lesson from Korea’s experience. Focusing youth education and reaching consensus with citizens to work together for common goal, for the fact that not easy within a generation to transform the country’s economy.

Ethiopia need to have strong leadership that encourages people to come forward for the national development in which he said “ this was critically important in South Korea.”
Bureau Deputy Head Tesfaye Abebe said that the regional government has many things to learn from South Korea, is one of the fastest growing country in the world.
The Deputy Head said that leaders from the state can learn from South Korea’s leadership commitment in ensuring good governance and sustainable development.
He added that the good relationship and cooperation between the two countries would enable Ethiopia to further emulate best experience for its advancement towards ensuring good governance and sustainable development.
Tesfaye noted that the regional leadership is expected to customize Korea’s experience with the objective reality of the state.
As Koreans’ secret for their success is their education policy that focused on quality and student centred Ethiopia has also pursuing the same way , he said.
South Koreans have a culture to bring all the communities to consensus and communicate and convince the public to devote on national development. And this is the result of the leadership, he said and added bringing together the public for the common good has already been started but need to be further strengthened.
Oromia State Women and Children Affairs Bureau Head Hirut Birasa on her part said that South Koreans have transformed their country through hard work, viable economic policies, quality education and national consensus.
“I believe Ethiopia, with appropriate policies and strategies, is on the right track we can advance if we appropriately draw lesson from the Korean development experience,” she noted.
The Head added bringing the attitudinal change, building national consensus and making this a culture
through determination is the assignment of the leadership of the state.

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