AAU to launch int’l MBA programme

1AAU to launch int’l MBA programme¬† in the coming academic year through the first Ethio-European

ADDIS ABABA–THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 5 May 2016: The Addis Ababa University (AAU) in collaboration with the European Union is going to launch MBA programmes in the coming academic year through the first Ethio-European International Business School and Ethio-European Business Innovation Centre to be established in the premises of the university.
The two facilities, which are expected to offer full-time, part-time and distance learning MBA programmes, are funded by the European Union in partnership with Ethiopian government under the Transformation Triggering Facility (TTF) Project.
The AAU announced the launch of the programme in the presence of ministers and head of EU delegation yesterday in Ghion Hotel.
On the occasion, AAU vice-president Dr. Hirut Woldemariam stated that Ethiopia is within the path of rapid development, and will really need to have capable and professional business leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and generally skilled manpower to maintain such trajectory.
The vice-president said that the two institutions will contribute a lot to in producing highly qualified manpower and carrying out various research projects not only to Ethiopia but to countries in the region.
She reaffirmed AAU committed to support such endeavours as expressed by allocating 15 thousand square land in its premises for the construction of the school and centre.
In his presentation delegation head on developing the business school and innovation centre, Prof Upkar Pardesi, who is also Director of Ethio-European International Business School, outlined the need for a business school of high repute in Ethiopia and the continent.
He said these two institutions are instrumental to help the country’s higher education role and address acute shortage of quality managers to advance economic growth.
The institutions will not only be helpful to Ethiopian companies but also play a decisive role in attracting FDI into the country as foreign companies look for such facilities to train their managers and leaders, according to the director.
Prof Pardesi also indicated the institutions will provide the first-tier business school international programmes with extensive in-company programmes, problem-solving teaching methods and partnership with many international higher education institutions.
Finance and Economic Cooperation Development State Minister Ahmed Shide on his part said highlighted that the business school and innovation centre will contribute in making both public and private sector management modern, efficient and innovative.
” As we develop, we need to fundamentally shift in the structure of the economy, especially how we do business to make sure Ethiopian can generate too much wealth by their creativity and business potential” he added.
European Union to Ethiopia Deputy Head Tehri Lehtinen on her part said that the two flagship TTP programmes display a milestone in the partnership between the European Union and Ethiopia. It also manifests the key strategic engagement between the two parties.
She added that a national strategy for economic growth and poverty reduction need more dynamic leaders and skillful entrepreneurs.
The MBA programmes will start to be delivered in partnership with UK universities from October 2016, and other post graduate programmes in partnership with Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands and Martin Luther University in Germany will be commenced in 2017.

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