Corporation, Chinese companies sign agreement

vCorporation, Chinese companies sign agreement
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ADDIS ABABA – THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 6 May 2016: An agreement has been signed between the Industrial Parks Development Corporation and two Chinese companies enabling the latter to handle the construction of the Kombolcha and Makalle industrial parks.
China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), the two Chinese companies that won the contract, are expected to finalize the USD 250 million project within six months time.

According to Industrial Parks Development Corporation CEO Sisay Gemechu, the contract includes the building of 11,000 sheds. The industrial parks will ease investment in textile and garment, leather and leather products as well as food processing industries which meet global standards, the CEO said.
Sisay promised that the industrial parks development project will receive continuous government follow up and support for its timely completion.

The project which rests on 75 hectares of land also helps in the promotion of manufacturing value added products, he indicated. The CEO mentioned the dependable expertise of the companies in building expressways, railroads and industrial parks, saying they have also acquired valuable lessons from the development of Hawassa Industrial Park. Integrated activities are now underway with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other stakeholders to incorporate manufacturing companies which promote competitiveness and technology transfer in the parks. Once completed, the Kombolcha and Makalle industrial parks are expected to create jobs to 50 thousand citizens.

The Industrial Parks Development Proclamation number 886/2007 calls for the establishment of export driven industrial parks with the effective land utilization and reduced pollution.
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