Nation celebrates 75th Victory Day

eNation celebrates 75th Victory Day ========================= ======= ==============

ADDIS ABABA — THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 6 May 2016: The 75th anniversary of the victory over the fascist Italy was celebrated here yesterday in the presence of government officials, members of the diplomatic community and city residents.
Here at the Victory Square, President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said that the Day is a great national day that Ethiopians celebrate with pride. He also noted the patriots five years struggle was not only a victory that successfully safeguarded sovereignty of the country but also an inspiring victory to other black peoples which were under colonial powers.


Speaking about Ethiopia’s commitment to peace and stability in the world, Dr. Mulatu said the nation’s historical contribution to peace keeping missions in Korea, Congo, Rwanda, Liberia and other countries. Currently, the Ethiopian defence force is writing history as it participating in Sudan Darfur, Abiye, South Sudan and Somalia.

The President said, however, this generation should repeat the victory in defeating poverty.
Ethiopian Patriots Association President Lij Daniel Jote Mesfin on his part said that after celebrating the victory day in 2006 E.C the Association started to promote the current relations between Ethiopia and Italy as “the Era of reconciliation”.

The President indicated that the recent visit of the Italian President Sergio Mattarella to Ethiopia shows the refurbished relations of the two countries. The Association would work to further strengthen the relations and archive documents for the current generation, according to Lij Daniel.

Attendees at the Victory Square told The Ethiopian Herald that the youth should know their country’s history. For this, the Association need to work hard to promote through any possible means.
Accordingly, Ezra Nigatu, a third year theatrical art student at Teferi Mekonen School, said that efforts need to be made to enable the current generation get lesson from the history of the patriots.
He said that the Victory Day must be celebrated among numerous youths for the honor of the patriots, who gave their lives for the well-being of the nation, made the country an icon of independence across the world.

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