Auspicious changes in farmers livelihood

FB_IMG_1462733336293Auspicious changes in farmers livelihood

ADDIS ABABA –THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 8 May 2016: It has now become witnessing that farmers who are devoted to implement agricultural inputs and agricultural expertise have become successful. The experience of Farmer Abosetugn Bahru, who lives in Arerti town in North Shoa Zone of Amhara State is exemplary. He has managed to be successful and became a model farmer in his locality.
Model farmer Abosetegn said that he is producing teff, chickpeas and wheat through top seed supply from the government through work. Besides, along side the agricultural businesses he is earning income from the rent of his building and mill house.
Farmer Abosetegn said that he has already bought a tractor that would enable him to increase his productivity and additional income. His total capital has reached 15 million Birr, according to him.
Some 20 years ago revenge killing and looting were common in the area, he said and added the incumbent government ensured peace in the area, the situation changed for the better. Currently, things are conducive to development. He said “ We are witnessing development in the town and rural areas”
According to him, following the rise in the business activity of Arerti town, seven banks are giving services. He suggests that it would be good if electric power supply reached out all the community and making tractors accessibility to farmers.
Dreaming to run a light industry Farmer Abosetegn is working to establish a light industry with all resources he accumulated.
Another women farmer Etalemahu Tekola , a resident, said she is engaged in agriculture and livestock in tandem. She has managed to raise her seven children. W/ro Etalemahu said that thanks to the support from the government and my devotion my capital has reached 1.7 million Birr.
She added that the opportunities provided to citizens over the past two decades has improved the livelihoods of the public. She suggested that farmers will be successful in other sectors also if they get government support.
The other resident of same woreda Farmer Belay Gebremeskel has been engaged in agriculture and other businesses. He is producing teff and wheat and, cultivating onion on his plot at various times. He said that his productivity has come from line sowing and using various agricultural techniques.
Although he faced rain deficiency for his farm due to the current climate change he has still managed to produce 12 Quintilian of wheat by harvesting water.
“ It was ten years ago, I never forget the time when I was broke of money to buy oxen for my farming. I had also a problem to feed myself. All those problems have now gone ” he said.
” The training I received about cattle rearing and dairy production has helped me to do well in animal husbandry. This business has been improved. I have earned 1.5 million Birr from stone mining. My life has changed for the better ” he said.
Farmer Wegayehu Getachew is another fellow farmer who is successful in livestock farming. He started cattle rearing some twenty years ago with only an ox. By exploiting the opportunities that the government has been offering and implementing improved technologies he has managed to ensure productivity.
According to him, his livelihood has changed for the better. He is now looking to run a medium scale industry in other sector.


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