Ministry awards ex, current employees for outstanding contribution


Ministry awards ex, current employees for outstanding

ADDIS ABABA– THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 8 May 2016: The Ministry of Science and Technology yesterday honor and gave recognition for staffers for their outstanding contribution for the advancement of science and technology.
At the conclusion of a two-day seminar held at AU headquarters the Ministry has recognized the former as well as current staffers including heads and experts of the ministry.
On the occasion Science and Technology Minister Abiy Ahimed said that the ministry has been enhancing its role in advancing science and technology and boost its contribution to the national development.
The Ministry believes that the effort and contribution of the emplyees is discharging its mandate is vital and thus recognizing the efforts of former leaders at different levels is a priority.
According to the Minister, his ministry is promoting and creating a platform to encourage research and innovation in science and technology.
The Minister said the ministry has finalized plan to establish the Ethiopian Space Science Institute.
State Minister Professor Afework Kassu on his part said that the ministry incisively focuses on promoting innovation. As part of this effort, the ministry is recognizing students, teachers and professionals contribution in science and technology.
One of the awardees, Kelemua Girum who has served for 22 years in the ministry, said that such recognition would energize the employees for further achievements.
The honor and award were given to heads of the former Science Commission. the awardees includes the former Commissioner Hailemichael Tebikie and ministers of the Ministry Dessie Dalkie and Demitu Hambissa as well as other heads and employees.

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