Youth in Arerti harnessing enabling MSEs development

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Youth in Arerti harnessing enabling MSEs development  ============ ====== ======


Youth in Arerti Town of Minjar Shankora Woreda locality have become aware of the opportunities around. They have engaged in various sectors. Some are organized in Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs), some others are engaged in trading while others in the service sector.

One of the youth, Meaza Deres is a young trader in Arerti Town. He began to engage trading business ten years ago after he failed to join higher learning institution. Though he was worried for not to continue his education, he turned his eyes the prospect he could exploit from the evolving infrastructural development in the town.
According to Meaza, the prevailing peace and security in the town and encouraging government policies designed to benefit the youth have enabled him to engage in business.
Encouraged by the opportunities, he said ” I started doing grain trade with small capital then shift to soft drinks and beer distribution”. In only a decade, he has managed to own four heavy trucks and his capital has reached over three million Birr.
He created jobs to over 20 citizens and pay over 180,000 Birr tax per month.
Another young women Senait Negash is a member of the Millennium 2000 Blockade and Precast Manufacturing Enterprise working in the town. Previously, she was suffering to cover her household expense. After joining the enterprise she said she has managed to build her own modern villa within a very short time. ” I am about to buy luxurious vehicle ” she said.
Engaging in metal works, Frew Abebe is running metal work enterprise. The support given by the government and enabling policies has enabled him to create jobs even to ten people.
He said the various support like training, market link, land and business consultancy given by the government have helped him to invest in his locality.
Working in his home town is meant to him ‘one plus one is three’ as he said ” I am earning high income, serving my community and creating jobs to our sisters and brothers”
According to the Federal Micro and Small Enterprises Agency, more than 10.6 million jobs has already been created across the country during the first GTP.
In the reported period more than 16.4 million Birr has been loaned to MSEs .
As part of government support through domestic market linkage MSEs has been able to secured more than 39.7 million Birr. Mostly youth and women have been benefited from the market link , according to the Agency.

Ethiopian Press Agency's photo.
Ethiopian Press Agency's photo.
Ethiopian Press Agency's photo.

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