Multinational federalism strengthens nation’s sustainable development: Ministry

ethMultinational federalism strengthens nation’s sustainable development: Ministry




ADDIS ABABA- THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 24 May 2016: The Ministry of Youth and Sports announced over the weekend that the existing multinational federalism in Ethiopia is contributing to building harmony among nations, nationalities and peoples thereby creating a better environment for sustainable development in the country.
The Ministry organized a Cultural Festival in Debre Tabor Town in collaboration with the National Cultural Centre and the Ethiopian Cultural Sports Federation.
In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald Ministry Public Relations Senior Expert Mekonnen Yidersal said during the festival that the current multinational federalism have guaranteed all the diversities in the nation to build one political and economic community through building peace, mutual understanding and harmonious relation among diverse cultures and peoples in the country.
The diverse cultures, religions, life styles and languages in the country have been given proper recognition under the existing federal system in the country. He added: “ This has enabled citizens to understand one other and actively engage in the country’s developmental activities.”
The system has also played significant role in resolving conflicts that occurred at different times in connection with unanswered quests for identity.
Centre Cultural Programme Affairs Senior Expert Akalu Asfaw said that May 28 victory day is fundamental and paved the way for building a multinational federal system in the country through protecting cultural values of nations, nationalities and peoples.
Delegates, officials and participants who attended the festival noted that the federal system guaranteed by the Constitution enabled to ensure peace and stability and thereby robust economic growth that has been registered in the country over the last two decades or so.
It was learnt that May 28 is a memorable day that guaranteed sustainable development in Ethiopia through assuring protection of the rights of nations, nationalities and peoples.

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