Ethiopia to celebrate ‘Africa Day’ at national level

ethEthiopia to celebrate ‘Africa Day’ at national level =======

ADDIS ABABA—THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 26 May 2016: Foreign Affairs State Minister Ambassador Taye Astikesilassie said yesterday that Ethiopia is taking steps to celebrate the ‘Africa Day’ as one of the national events in the country. Accordingly, May 25 has been given precedence for the celebration as it marks founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in 1963.
At the first marking of the African Day and celebration of the 53rd anniversary of OAU by diplomats and employees of the Ministry, the State Minister said that the Council of Ministers is reviewing the issue to mark the Day as one of the national days. The Day is expected to be marked colourfully holding various fora and hoisting Ethiopian and AU flags.

Ambassador Taye also said that May 25 was a special day for Africans in the struggle against colonialism, racism, brutality and other repressions. Various African great thinkers and fighters like Marcus Garvey struggled for the liberation of Africa and other black peoples from oppression with a spirit of Pan-Africanism.

In this regard, Ethiopia played a great role in realizing the formation of OAU and transforming Africa along with African brothers and sisters, Ambassador Taye added.
Ethiopian diplomats and Emperor Hailesilassie were at the forefront in championing and integrating the continent with other prominent African leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Ahmed Ben Bella of Algeria and Ahmed Sékou Touré of Guinea, among others.
The State Minister further noted that Ethiopia would sustain its effort of advocating Africans stance at regional and global arena.

In a day-long celebration, thorough panel discussion was held pertaining to the history of Pan-Africanism and its promises and setbacks with diplomats and other participants.

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