Ethiopia’s contribution to Korea’s success indelible: President Park

cEthiopia’s contribution to Korea’s success indelible: President Park



ADDIS ABABA – – THE ETHIOPIAN HERALD Newspaper 28 May 2016: The visiting Korean President Park Geun-hye laid wreath yesterday at the Ethiopia Korean War Veterans Memorial Park in connection with 65th anniversary celebration of the marching to Korean War.
The President expressed her gratitude for the Ethiopian soldiers who fought and laid for the peace and freedom of Koreans.
The President attributed the bravely sacrifice of Ethiopian solider to the current economic success of Korea.
The President said her government will never forget the role and contribution of Ethiopia for current achievements of Korean. She said: “We value for what Ethiopia has done to Korea and give back with various engagement.”
The President said: “On behave of the people and government of Korea I express deep gratitude to the families of the Ethiopian Korean war veterans.”
On the occasion, President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said the friendship that tied with blood has been elevated with times. More friendship and sound cooperation is anticipated.
The President said Ethiopia has remained committed to world peace since the first mission in Korea and has built reputation in Africa for its peace keeping missions in Liberia, Rwanda, Burundi , Somalia and Darfur Sudan, etc.
He said the bravely accomplishment of the Korean war veteran is the beacon for the current generation. As these noble citizens have great lesson for the generation the government of Ethiopia will extend support for Ethiopians war veteran family.
The President lauded the efforts of Ethiopia Korean War Veterans Association for its effort to instill the spirit of the forefathers and their gallantly accomplishment.
Ethiopia Korean War Veterans President Colonel Meles Tessema on his part expressed gratitude for the Korean government for its due consideration of the sacrifice of Ethiopians.

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