Employees vow to sustain GERD construction support

2Employees vow to sustain GERD construction support
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Leaders and employees of the Federal Technical Vocational and Educational Training Agency vowed to continue their support until the completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).
During their recent visit to the construction site of the GERD at Guba, they expressed their readiness to effectively discharge the Agency’s mission in producing qualified for lower and middle level workforce.
Mathias Ashenafi, Technology Transfer and Industry Extension Director of the Agency told journalists that the main objective of the Agency is to produce qualified, technology friendly, fit-to-the-purpose and competent manpower to back the growing economy of the nation with the particular focus on the Dam and other mega projects in general.
Mathias said that GERD and TVET centres will complement each other in the construction process. They also have great contribution in various sectors like hotel and recreational services, fishery and art-crafts among others.

1He added that currently, the Dam is serving as national centre of excellence for welding in cooperation with Assosa TEVT institute. So far, the Agency has trained over 400 personnel certified with international standard in the sector and supplied to the Dam construction, according to him.
Agency Occupational Standard and Competency Assessment Director Hailemichael Asrate on his part said that the Agency is encouraged and built confidence as it is working closely with the grand project, an arm for the realization of the nation’s aspiration to join middle income economies.
The Director further said that the status of GERD construction is boosting the spirit of Ethiopians. He said ” I need to pay tribute to those who are committed to complete this mega project under the challenging topography and hot weather.
An expert from the Agency, Molla Kere told the Ethiopian Press Agency reporters that he is very pleased to visit the Dam. “We were contributing for the construction of the GERD project through purchasing bonds besides supplying skilled manpower. This visit inspired me to enhance my contribution to imprint my share on the project,” he said.

Another employee Tigist Kebede on her part said, the GERD would glorify the image of Ethiopia for the international community. Thus, she called upon the public to continue its contribution until the completion of the Grand Dam.
She said: “ I am satisfied that my contribution is placed properly for the Dam. As a civil servant and technical expert I really felt proud of executing double responsibility to build my country.”


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