Gambella says to intensify rehabilitation efforts for rescued children

gambelaGambella says to intensify rehabilitation efforts for rescued children

the regional state of Gambella has assured families of children rescued from the Murle militants that the state government will consolidate efforts of rehabilitating the children.

The rescued children have been receiving various supports since their arrival back to their home ground, according to Chief Administrator of Gambella Gatluak Tut, who said such support and rehabilitation efforts will be maintained.

The comments by the Chief Administrator came during the reuniting of 23 additional children with their families in the second round.

According to Gatluak, the children are getting financial, material and food aids from the government, non-governmental and faith based institutions which put them in a better health and psychological status.

He indicated continued joint efforts by Ethiopian and South Sudanese officials to bring back the remaining children and looted cattle.

Families of the children were grateful to the Ethiopian government and defense force who made possible the safe return of their children.

In the first round, 68 rescued children were reunited with their families.

Armed militants from the Murle tribe of South Sudan abducted more than 100 children and thousands of cattle in an attack on April 15, 2016.

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