Hospital applies initiatives for better service

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The Yirgalem General Hospital said that it has been carrying out expansion activities at a cost of 13 million Birr to increase customer satisfaction through the provision of quality service.
In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Hospital General Manager Derese Dessalegn said that as the hospital is getting old, it needs renovation which helps to improve its service. The hospital is also constructing new building for the same cause.
Indicating that over 40,000 outpatients have received medical service over the last nine months, Deresse said the hospital has over 200 well experienced health professionals. Like other local hospitals, it is applying various new initiatives which are adopted nationally. He cited the Ethiopian hospitals reform implementation guideline is a case in point. For its better achievements in the implementation of the reform, it has received special award from Ministry of Health, he said.
According to him, the other initiative includes making the hospital clean, neat and comfortable for patients. In this regard, the hospital has made big stride in improving both the internal and external environs. In order to create a clean hospital, the reconstruction of toilets and other development activities have their own contribution in improving hygiene and sanitation of the hospital. Patients’ handling from one professional to the other is one among the exemplary performances, Deresse said.
He said that shortage of state-of-the-art medical equipment, medicine and other reagents has created some gap in service provision. The hospital has created a regular platform with the community to address such problems.
“ If we fulfill all the necessary medical equipment, strengthen improvements made in our services, we can provide quality services to patients. Accordingly, we are introducing Ethical, Compassionate, Respectful and Caring Professionals initiative.”
Commencing its service with with 120 beds 40 years back, Yirgalem General Hospital now has 220 beds.

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