President Mulatu bids farewell to departing U.S. Ambassador

bPresident Mulatu bids farewell to departing U.S. Ambassador

Ethiopia and the U.S. have been enjoying a strong cooperation in economic, security, democracy and good governance spheres, according to President Mulatu Teshome.

The President conferred with the outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia, Patricia M. Haslach, on Tuesday.

According to an official who attended the meeting, President Mulatu Teshome appreciated the commitment of the Ambassador to broaden and consolidate the relations between the countries.

The visit of President Obama to Ethiopia, which took place during her fruitful term of office, has boosted the bilateral relation of the two countries, he pointed out.

The U.S. has been providing assistance to Ethiopia in education and capacity building since 1903, it was indicated.

Ambassador Haslach on her part said U.S. is desirous to boost the long historical relations of the two countries.

She also appreciated the effective handling of the recent drought by the government.

Source: ENA

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