A Sons and daughters of unkind tyrants

20161002_194016A Sons and daughters of unkind tyrants ========== ===

Ethiopia had past memory of unkind and tyrant rules before 1991 GC. The Derg and the Feudal systems had absolute political power instead of Ethiopian people. They believed that views Amhara are the only super power nation in Ethiopia. However, one cannot say all Amhara had benefited and were super power In Ethiopia but a view of them were benefiting in the name of Amhara people.

The tyrants also believed that Ethiopia is the country that has only one culture, one religion and one language but, one can say without any fear of contradiction that the reality is beyond far their belief. The previous regimes also did not believe there other Ethiopian nations who have a different cultures, norms and languages from their culture

Before EPRDF, Ethiopian people were living in a fear, worries and hunger. The systems were using different techniques to terrorize its people. Thousands fled to the neighboring countries while others changed their names, religion, culture and their norms, In order to get equal share of job opportunities, education and other human needs just to pretend like Amhara.

Currently, Ethiopian nations and nationalities are living together with their beautiful difference colors and agreed ironic constitution. The Ethiopian nations are practicing federalism and democracy system. There are regional states with their respective regional governments, State Council, State Administration and all Ethiopian regions have their legislative, executive and judiciary powers.

I surprised when I saw from the media and the social networks the sons and daughters of unkind tyrants disturbing and destroying public and private properties, rocking and putting the previous rubbish tyrant’s flag in some parts of Gonder, Bahirdar in Amhara region and some places of Oromia region. We Ethiopian nations and nationalities are very sorry to see such people who want chauvinism system while all Ethiopian nation and nationalities are enjoin and practicing federalism and democracy system.

We are not allowing reversing our progress and going back to the dark days. We have tremendous improvement for the last 25 years. We understood the importance of multicultural diversity living in federalism system, equal distribution of resources and equal rights of every Ethiopian people. We will fight for the sake of our democratic and ethnic federalism system or our multicultural federation system.

Finally, for the sake of Ethiopian nations many EPRDF fighters have lost their lives. They sacrificed their blood and their important body parts. Fathers and mothers have lost their loved ones. They also sacrificed their lives on behalf of all Ethiopians to get equal opportunities for everything such as practicing democratic system and equal rights. In conclusion I am saying the Sons and daughters of unkind tyrants disturbing our stability are deaf, dumb, and blind.


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