House approves decree on state of emergency

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The House of Peoples’ Representatives unanimously approved the state of emergency declared by the Council of Ministers, ENA reported.

As the decree came when the House is in recess, the Council has to submit the decree to the parliament within 15 days to get approval.

While briefing the House, General Attorney, Getachew Ambaye said the emergency law will help to restore order and control destructive activities targeting economic pillars of the country.

The violent activities carried out in various parts of the country led to the loss of lives and enormous damage on properties.

The difficulty to end the destruction through normal law enforcement procedures, make the emergency law essential to restore order and normalize the situation, Getachew said.

Understanding the difficulty to handle the situation on normal law enforcement procedures, the House at its ordinary session held today approved the decree unanimously.

The government has put in place a six-month state of emergency since 8 October 2016 to restore order following violent activities that targeted foreign owned investments.

The constitution granted the power for the Council of Ministers to decree a state of emergency in case of external invasion, a breakdown of law and order which endangers constitutional order, natural disaster or an epidemic occur.

It is the first time since the EPRDF came to power 25 years ago that a state of emergency has been put in place in Ethiopia.

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