‘Polar air mass’ brings snow to Britain

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A “polar air mass” has spread across the UK, bringing with it the threat of freezing temperatures, storm force winds and snow this weekend.

Severe weather warnings are in place across a swathe of the country with wintry showers threatening ice overnight and snow falling on higher ground in western and northwestern areas

Flurries have already been seen as far south as Exeter The wintry weather is being brought in by a cold northwesterly “polar air mass” from the Arctic Sea, with clear spells allowing temperatures to plunge below freezing Yellow “be aware” warnings of ice have been issued by the Met Office for the Midlands, the North of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland
The area of low pressure is expected to move across southern Britain on Sunday, bringing heavy rain and southwesterly gales.Gusts of up to 55mph could be seen in inland areas, particularly over Sussex and Kent, while wind speeds of 65mph are possible on exposed south coastal locations
These gales are expected to be accompanied by torrential rain – up to 30mm within less than 12 hours.

Motorists have been warned over the risk of difficult driving conditions due to localised flooding and the threat of fallen trees. Weather conditions are expected to improve from the southwest later on sunday Sky News weather presenter and producer Kirsty McCabe said: “Usually the Autumn months are marked by spells of wet and windy weather, but it’s been very quiet this year
That may change this weekend as an area of low pressure could bring stormy conditions to southern parts of the UK.
“However, there is a lot of uncertainty with the forecast track of this low pressure and the situation may change. It’s one to keep an eye on as it could be the first named storm of the season

There may be gales or severe gales for southern coastal areas with gusts up to 65mph during late Saturday and early Sunday morning from Lyme Bay eastwards. “Heavy rain could also be an issue during the early hours of Sunday.”

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