Ogaden form council to pick candidates

1459994The Ogaden from Council of Elders being sowrn in Wajir town

he Ogaden of Wajir South on Monday appointed a 24-member Council Of Elders drawn from the four sub-clans of Ogaden, Makabul, Mohamed Zubeir, Bah Geri and Geri.

The team is tasked with endorsing candidates for the governor, woman representative and Wajir Township MCA seats within two months.

Chairman Mzee Ahmed, 77, will be deputised by Ibrahim Rashid.

Last month, Wajir leaders resolved to support one of their own for governor. They discussed the formation of the Ogaden Supreme Council of Elders to decide who runs for the three seats.

Wajir South Forum secretary Hassan Okash said the main task of the elders is to guide the community during the election period. The Ogaden clan’s intention to field a candidate for the county top post might change the county’s political equation. There were political alignments made by communities during the run-up to the 2013 election. The Degodia were asked to field a candidate for governor, the Ogaden for the Senate, while the Ajuran were to pick someone for the deputy governor’s slot. Governor Ahmed Abdullahi has said he will seek reelection.

He has already been endorsed by the Mohamed Zubeir clan. Abdullahi, however, said he will seek individual sub-clan support and urged other aspirants not to ride on clan-based democracy.

Woman representative hopeful Fatuma Ali said she will respect the clan’s decision.

source the-star.co.ke

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