Airline Delays Flight Due to Pilots Fight in the Cockpit

pAirline Delays Flight Due to Pilots Fight in the Cockpit ===== ======

An Asiana flight scheduled to depart Incheon, South Korea for New York City on 2 Dec, 2016, was delayed for over an hour after two copilots aboard the plane had a fistfight in the cockpit.

According to airport officials, two copilots (named Kim and Park) had an altercation at their crew positions as the plane was preparing to depart.

Paramedics at the scene stated that copilot Kim was expected to be hospitalized after sustaining a wound in the altercation according to a story on


The two pilots both started their flying careers as military helicopter pilots. As of yet, the reason for their pre-flight fight has not been released.

The matter of these two men (who are responsible for the safety of their passengers) fighting within the airplane is serious.

The Airline reportedly forced copilot Park to complete his flight duties as scheduled and without concern for his mental state after he was subjected to the brawl.

Disclaimer: The image in the post is not that of the pilots in the story.

source Afritraveller

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