PM Halemariam Receives Message from President Alpha Conde

maryamPM Halemariam Receives Message from President Alpha Conde

Prime Minister Halemariam has received today a message from Guinea’s President Alpha Conde.

Guinea’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Fatoumata Kaba, delivered the message of the president.


According to her, the relationship between the two countries is excellent. “As you remember the prime minister was in Guinea in 2016 so they [leaders] had good discussions about many areas of our bilateral cooperation”, she elaborated.


The two countries had also signed 6 cooperation agreements, including in agriculture and health, that same calendar year, Ambassador Kaba added.

On his part, Prime Minister Halemariam expressed willingness to exchange best experiences alongside working on previous agreements.


The message of President Alpha Conde mainly focuses on continuation of the ongoing cooperation and implementation of agreements as well sharing of best experiences through exchange of delegations.


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