Ethiopia’s Diplomacy Reaches Highest Level

Ethiopia’s Diplomacy Reaches Highest Level ==== ==== ==== == ==

Ethiopia’s engagement at global arenas during the 72nd UN General Assembly has proved its efficacy in multilateral and bilateral diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The Minister Workneh Gebeyehu said that Ethiopia has undertaken successful diplomatic activities in multinational and bilateral talks at the sidelines of the General Assembly.

The Ethiopian delegation that headed to New York led by the Prime Minister has engaged with a number of bilateral and multilateral discussions.

He mentioned the fruitful discussions held with leaders of American, European, African and Asian countries on bilateral, continental, and global issues; challenges and possible solutions.

In addition, the Minister mentioned the endorsement of the draft document presented by Ethiopia on UN peacekeeping operations as an example that displays the East African country’s diplomatic success.

According to Workneh, the discussions held at Ministerial and Leaders level under Ethiopia’s presidency and decisions of the General assembly and Security Council,  proved the effectiveness of Ethiopia’s diplomacy.

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