African Defense Officials, Diplomats Receiving Training to Capacitate Skill

African Defense Officials, Diplomats Receiving Training to Capacitate Skill

Defense Attaches and diplomats of African countries are gathered in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia to attend the training aimed to enhance their capacity in their multilateral and international cooperation.

 Some 20 senior defense officials and diplomats are taking part in the 6th Orientation Course for Defense Officials, provided with the objectives of understanding the role of defense officials, and how to implement the interests of their respective governments.

 The Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC) of Ethiopia is providing the five-day training in collaboration with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP).

 The training focuses on a number of issues that would help to develop the skills and expertise of defense officials working in a multilateral environment on various aspects of international security.

 While opening the training, Commander of Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC), Brigadier General Habtamu Tilahun said the training creates an important platform for participants to share experience and knowledge on defense and diplomacy.

Noting that Ethiopia is key player in enhancing regional security and a leading contributor to the peacekeeping operations of AU and UN, the Commander said, the training would help to strengthen effectiveness of such missions.

Providing the training in collaboration with GCSP will enable the Peace Support Training Center be center of knowledge, as it envisioned to become regional centers of excellence in peace support operations, the Commander said.

Military Advisor of Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), Major General Andreas Bolsterli said that collaboration is important in the efforts to tackle major security challenges.

He also added that the training marks a new step to the existing excellent relationship between the two countries.

Appreciating the continuity of the collaboration, Bolsterli pointed out “I can assure you of our sincerest will to provide the best support possible for the development of your ability to conduct your institutional services.”

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