Trump links jump in UK crime rate to terror

WASHINGTON: Trump links jump in UK crime rate to terror

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump linked a jump in reported crime in Britain to terrorism Friday, again wading deep into a sensitive political debate on the other side of the pond.
“Just out report: ‘United Kingdom crime rises 13 percent annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.’ Not good, we must keep America safe!” Trump said.
The early morning tweet came as Britain’s statistical office reported a rise in reported crime in England and Wales in the first six months of the year.
The report stated that much of the increase may be due to changes in the way crime statistics are recorded.
Trump has repeatedly pointed to terror attacks in Europe as evidence of the risk from militant groups in the US.
At home he has championed a ban on travelers from several predominantly Muslim countries.
But his pronouncements on terrorism in Britain have strained ties with London and put a planned state visit to Britain on ice.
Last month Prime Minister Theresa May publicly rebuked Trump for speculating on the causes of a botched London train bombing.
Trump also prompted fury for criticizing London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan, after a June attack at London Bridge.
Some members of Parliament reacted angrily to Trump’s latest foray into British political debate.
Conservative Nicholas Soames — Winston Churchill’s grandson — described Trump as a “twerp” and suggested he focus on fixing US gun laws.
Labour’s Chris Bryant tweeted “Can you please stick out of our business with such divisiveness? You clearly don’t understand the difference between causation and correlation.”

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