Apprehending Alleged People for Instigating Conflicts to Continue: EPRD

Addisababa: Apprehending Alleged People for Instigating Conflicts to Continue: EPRDF

he Executive Committee of the EPRDF has put a direction that would strengthen the ongoing efforts of the government to make individuals who allegedly instigate conflicts accountable.

 The Committee set the direction during its ordinary session that evaluated the progress in the ongoing process of the in-depth reform and overall situation of the country, over the past two days.

 Noting that some of the individuals who contributed for the unrest, loss of lives, and property damage are already apprehended, the Committee said the effort to bring all responsible people before court should be consolidated.

 The Committee has also underlined the need to enhance the fight against rent-seeking tendencies, corruption, maladministration, and illegal networks, as they are the major drivers of the conflicts.

 It affirmed that such kinds of illegal practices are not allowed to continue further and underscored the need to ensure the rule of law.

Noting that the conflicts occurred in some areas led to the loss of lives, displacement of people and damage of properties, it lauded religious and tribal leader as well as communities for their efforts in stabilizing the situation.

Regarding the in-depth reform that has been conducted over the past year to rectify wrong practices, the Committee noted that the reform is well in progress.

It evaluated that the activities that has been conducted to realize the reform have shown progress and underlined the need to consolidate efforts to fully realize the rectifying process.

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