PM Hailemariam Says Peace, Stability Restored in Conflict Areas

PM Hailemariam Says Peace, Stability Restored in Conflict Areas

Peace and stability is restored in areas bordering Oromia and Somali regional states as well as other parts of the country, except few pocket areas, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said.

Briefing local journalists today, Hailemariam said the conflicts in border areas of the regions were not about demarcation as some people tried to frame. They were instigated and orchestrated mainly by groups hugely involved in illegally trading chat.

Not only did these groups instigated the conflicts, but also formed coalition with terrorist groups to carry out catastrophic acts that led to the deaths of innocent people and the displacement of hundreds of thousands, the Premier pointed out.

He stated that most of the culprits are under arrest and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is investigating human rights violations committed so that measures could be taken.

Federal and regional forces, in collaboration with the active participation of the peace loving public, have controlled and maintained peace and security in the country, the PM noted.

Hailemariam said a taskforce comprised of federal and regional members was established to quickly address the rehabilitation process as soon as possible.

The restoration of the country’s peace and security demonstrates the strong foundation laid on the existing federal system that has ensured unity within diversity of its peace loving people, he stressed.

He urged the public to pursue its strong commitment towards the fight against poverty as peace and stability are secured.

The government will relentlessly fight rent-seeking which is the arch enemy of Ethiopia’s rapid economic growth, Hailemariam emphasized, and added that “it is a fight that we have to sustain until economic transformation is brought about.”

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