TPLF Western Front Militia Leader Arrested In Refugee Camp

TPLF Western Front Militia Leader Arrested In Refugee Camp

Security and Militia Head of Baeker and neighbouring towns has been apprehended hiding in a refugee camp in Shire town.

The suspect called Enkuayehu Mesele was Militia Head of western Tigray and mastermind of the TPLF junta’s ethnic-based massacre in the areas.

Captain Amanuel Belete, a commander in the Fifth Mechanized Division of Northern Command, told ENA that the suspect is known to have been TPLF’s right-hand and a perpetrator of the countless murders and intimidation in Baeker, Qafta, and Humera towns.

Enkuayehu was also given full responsibility to lead the war from Baeker to Turkan, Humera, and all the way to Qafta, he revealed.

According to Captain Amanuel, the alleged criminal finally left his pistol and Kalashnikov behind and fled to Shire town where he was captured hiding in a refugee camp in the town

Following the launching of the surprise attack by the TPLF junta in early November 2020, the suspect led and coordinated militias in the western Tigray front, the commander explained.

Beyond this, Enkuayehu had ordered the ethnic profiling of the National Defense Force members in the localities, it was learned.

Captain Amanuel Belete noted further that TPLF criminal militants are being hunted down jointly by the army and army to bring them to justice.

He appreciated the huge support the local communities have been providing and called for their usual cooperation in the effort.

source fana

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